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COVID-19 Health Guidance

The Dance Studio Alliance has put together the most comprehensive health guidance available for our industry to adapt (as needed). The guidance has been vetted by Medical Professionals including Dr. Iafrate (Head of Dance Medicine at Columbia University). As importantly, they have been constructed by a collection of dance industry professionals who have had the benefit of implementing these guidelines from careful, practical experience rather than in theory.


Nikki Holch (Peridance) - Health Guidance Task Force Lead Coordinator

Pavan Thimmaiah (PMT House of Dance) - Health Guidance Task Force Coordinator

Eva Dean (Union Street Dance) 

Yosara Trujillo (Sweetwater Dance & Yoga)

Jameson Gilpatrick (Steps on Broadway)

Katerina Lu 

Note: This guidance has been presented but not adapted by NY State. The science is changing so this guidance is subject to change as the science evolves. It is recommend that anyone implementing this guidance consider how to gradually and safely implement them before moving forward with their re-opening plans. Please check back for updates or changes to the guidance in accordance with new scientific developments.

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